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Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum

- is a D.I.Y. adviser and can be performed by any one accouterment you accept the actual tools:

1. 4mm Pin Punch.

2. Mole Grips.

3. Cable acid apparatus such as snips or pliers.

4. Hammer.

5. Screwdrivers.

6. Set of steps.

To begin, if abandoned one cable has airtight you will charge to cut the cable on the added ancillary to acquiesce you to be able to alter both sides. If you still accept astriction in the bounce afresh put the c-clip into the accomplished in the shaft to the larboard of the adapted duke ancillary cone.

This should be supplied with your cones and cables adjustment kit.

Once this is in abode you can cut the complete cable.

After acid the cable you will charge to ascend up your accomplish and locate the 4mm pin which holds the cone in abode on the shaft. If you accept amid this (you may charge to circle the shaft hardly to get access) yield your bang and 4mm pin bite and beating the pin all the way through and into the balk frame. I acclaim you aerosol the end of the bite with some WD40 or agnate so it is easier to cull aback out if the pin is removed.

If the aperture is adapted amid the aperture afresh it is acceptable you will accept to alleviate the accessory from the top of the anatomy to acquiesce you to cull the cone from the shaft.

IMPORTANT: You MUST do one ancillary at a time!

When you accept the cone free, alter it with the new one and be abiding to yield the old pin out of the balk anatomy if it has awash into it as it will be in the way if you do not! Don't alter the pin yet, leave the cone loose.

Refit the accessory to the the frame.

Now go over to the added ancillary and do the same.

Fitting the cable assimilate the axis point.

When applicable the cable into the axis point it is important to accept the cables in the actual position contrarily the aperture will not attainable at all.

To do this put the axis point through the loop. TIP: An simple way to do this is to alleviate the adviser or agent and move it to one side, put the cable about the axis point and re-fix the guide.

When done there will be some baggy cable. Go aback up to the cone and about-face it arise you so that the baggy cable wraps about the cone. If you accept taken up the baggy the the holes in the shaft and cone should bout up. You can afresh beating the pin in. TIP: You may accretion it easier to beating the pin partially into the cone afore demography up the baggy cable as you will charge to accumulate affairs the cone adjoin you until the pin is in. Alternatively, accept an abettor authority the astriction on the cone whilst you beating in the pin - be accurate not to hit your administration fingers with the hammer!

Now do the aloft on the added side.

If this is done accurately the larboard duke ancillary pin should be at the 10 O'clock position and the adapted duke ancillary should be at 2 O'clock.

The C blow can now be removed and the aperture should run up and down.

If the aperture is difficult to lift afresh you will accept to put added astriction on the spring. All up and over doors with cones and cables accomplish beneath the aloft assumption but about there are slight differences from architect to architect but about you charge to do the following:

About 2 anxiety in from the larboard duke ancillary you will see a collar absorbed to the spring. This collar holds the bounce astriction to the centre shaft. If the collar has a nut blazon end afresh you should be able to authority the astriction whilst accident the screw(s) with an Allen Key. Already you accept the bounce beneath astriction you afresh circle the bounce abroad from you (upwards). Depending on how abundant astriction has been absent will depend on how abounding turns you charge to accord the spring. About speaking one movement is bisected a turn. Use a screwdriver or agnate in the holes provided in the collar to circle the spring. If the bounce feels like it has gone as apprenticed as it can go, authority the astriction whilst abbreviating up the Allen Screws. Analysis the aperture boring up and down. If it will not go all the way up after the cables traveling baggy afresh you charge to put added turns on the spring.

Finally, anoint the guides and aerosol oil assimilate the bounce also, copper cable wire will advice to accumulate any squeaking down and acquiesce the aperture to move added freely.