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To start, Manglemore is Hay Day Money backagain. This is just one very different case, and you'll need to be at the top of your match to defy its insanity. The dungeon is for 5-player groups, and also you must have a minimum Item Level of 423, but it's available to players who are level 65. There's a boss here, however you can only enter once a day or twice a day if you are a club member.

TERA also made a lot of adjustments to classes for this patch.

Players have noted the Trade Broker was selling items extremely cheaply recently, even though this wasn't the intention of the player who traded in their own item. They've fixed this to give you a much better estimate of what will occur with your item.

When updating a match, there are times when you need to focus on certain aspects. Whether it's the gameplay, the bugs which may be plaguing the game, the Buy Hay Day Coins online features which produce the game working with other people, or something completely new. For the team on the European side of TERA, they're likely to have a busy month in October. They're working hard on upgrade 61, which will bring many new features to the match, but that's not all they're improving.

In a post on Steam, the team talks about how they're going to improve the TERA Club as well. They even outlined the planned changes. To start, just being a part of the club will give you some special bonuses in the forms of permanent buffs. There is already two buffs attached to players accounts, but they'll get two more in the forms of a lasting Total Cystalbind, as well as getting Crafting rate increased by 50%.