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This thread hurts my mind. So people don't want a match to be better? I mean, I see why people would prefer classic within the present game, but what's the purpose of adding the wow classic gold negatives? Just like not only are you gonna play old players, but you're gonna favor classic and find. They have known for it that they want to fix mediocre work they are getting called out for if when devs do work that is mediocre?

WoW Classic has some intriguing players.Players have it so easy these days. There are so many quality of lifestyle changes I am so glad they included but I believe everyone should have a opportunity to play vanilla simply to see just how much it's changed and what a pain in the buttocks some things were - like spending a particularly long time looking for that quest item before the sparkles. Let's not neglect the run to log into your server.

"If you're popular enough to lightbringer wow gold pull that off you deserve it" Whatever you will need is 2-3 friends to do this, asserting that abusing a game mechanic which was not even vanilla is fine since you want to collude with other players is frankly among the stupidest arguments I have read in some time. Why the fuck would you deserve the thing over someone who spent as much time just because you brought some friends?

I strongly doubt you would have the identical attitude if this occurred to you.As long as the modifications do not impact the play long term, I am fine with it. I recall hitting the demand button by accidentally more than I want to mention, although I can understand the trading problem. That desire button should be of put by them far away from the pass one.