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And Echtra didn't want to give it a smaller cooldown, since they were concerned the skill would be cheap Torchlight Frontiers Gold abused for travel at high speed across maps and trivializing content. The solution? The players did not care whether the speed burst was minimal, as long as it had been usable more often. In future evaluations, the Dusk Mage's escape will have a 6 second cooldown and the speed will only be a brief 20% increase (or thereabouts). No abuse, and the escape ability will actually be utilized for what it's meant to be used.

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment is reviving the Torchlight franchise with a third entry in this set. Earlier this month, the business declared that Torchlight Frontiers is launch for PC and consoles in 2019, but now it's already showing off some gameplay.

Torchlight continues the Torchlight Frontiers Gold action role-playing adventure that lovers experienced in Torchlight I and its sequel. Frontiers takes place in the exact same universe and is bringing back many of the components that lots of people loved in its own predecessors. But developer Echtra Games is also building on that foundation to create a sequel that appears even more exciting.