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I just tell you that I have not played runescape because pre EOC and all of that jazz. I actually really loathed what jagex did for their match and even though they attracted back OSRS gold I would not come back because I wasn't going to encourage people that could reset accounts and eliminate everyone's hard work. YOUR SERIES, Not just your Swampletics's but the Settled Videos and all have got me thinking about coming back.

I would like you to know I paused 5 seconds in realizing this will be a next level episode from another level content creator. Before I click play .... The scope of effect you've had and will have on people even after Runescape dies or goes or anything will continue to be unfathomable and I just hope you understand how important you have been to me and many others. God bless you soldier and if you ever want help with anything in any way, your fans, I added, will WITHOUT HESITATION have your back.

Placing OSRS gold aside, the moment, dedication and discipline this man has is something to really envy, no matter what he can in existence with that skill set he'd be a winner. I am well and truly jealous, you're a complete machine man.I do not play OSRS, and haven't watched anything/read anything around Runescape because I played it 15 years back in elementary school - however for some reason I've watched each one of those Swampletics episodes, and I started seeing your other videos as well. Keep up the great content man.