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Though this year's match has not been revealed, programmer EA has shared some of Fut 20 Coins gameplay enhancements. Top of this list is AI defending, with a bigger emphasis and incentive put on manual as opposed to allowing the computer defend for you. Among those ways EA intends to do so is by raising the likelihood a tackle will propel the ball to a teammate. Automatic defending will see its efficacy reduced and reaction times slowed.

Shooting is being revamped, with attackers given higher precision during shooting scenarios that are easy, like being clean through against the'keeper. Goalkeepers' reaction times will be reduced in these situations to resolve the sometimes"superhuman" reactions players whined.

Additionally, the time window for cheap FIFA 20 Coins green shots has been reduced to 2 frames for most shots, and they will also be"slightly less exact." EA did, but reassure players who green timed shots will"be more accurate than non-timed shots"

Lots of work has been done on shooting more realistic and making passing, EA says in regards to strikes that are tough. Volleys will be more variable and less precise, by way of instance, while 180° and first time moves will result in"slower/weaker balls" Simple circumstance passes will now be more accurate, to compensate.